Why You Need Medicare Part D

In the more than fifty years of Medicare coverage prior to 2006, there was almost no assistance for prescription drug coverage.  In 2006, the Medicare Modernization Act implemented Medicare Part D, allowing millions of beneficiaries to enroll in the program, and find substantial savings for their prescription drug needs.

This was, of course, especially important for those taking expensive medications for chronic health conditions.  Just think about paying out of pocket for some of these:

Medicare Part D, however, is set up as a voluntary program, and every year, there are many who choose not to enroll, even after the risks have been explained to them. We do not recommend this course of action, for several reasons. Not only is the potential there for tremendous cost in the event of catastrophic illness, but there are penalties for enrolling later, should the need arise. 1% per month for each month of eligibility that lapses can turn a relatively inexpensive coverage into a far more expensive one.

If you have Part D bundled with your Medicare Advantage plan  (MAPD), you’re all set.
Otherwise, please ask us for a quote for a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP). There are several inexpensive and beneficial choices available. Please note that companies review; and often change; their formularies annually, so it is important to check plan documents on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting the coverage you need.

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I would be happy to help you check formularies and find the right plan for your needs.https://nestlerinsurance.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Medicare-Coverage-for-DVH.pdf